Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well, yeah, there's nothing wrong with posting off-topic. But I like the challenge of writing on-topic. The topics here have sent me off in a lot of interesting places, and I think the better things I've written for 600seconds owe maybe as much to the topics as to whatever weird way my brain works. Even something like my neverending honestly-I-haven't-forgotten-it-even-if-you-wish-I-had story, which is about as off-topic as it gets, owes its genesis to the topic that was posted the day it started.

Writing on the train would probably be more trouble than it's worth, to be honest. I often spend the morning commute standing, and even when I get a seat, the train's pretty crowded. A book in my lap is about the best I can manage.

But there is that lunch hour. I just need to find a news aggregator that does send feeds to e-mail. Mine doesn't appear to.


I think it should be possible to get 600s posts (and, thereby, topics) sent to your email using the RSS feed, Fred. Some RSS aggregators pull content into your email program. There oughta be some way to rig that up.

Nobody minds if you write off-topic, too, y'know.

As for writing on the train, I love, love, love my AlphaSmart. It's a keyboard with a memory. It runs off of 3 AA batteries (which I have not replaced yet). It keeps 8 separate files, and displays your text on 4 lines of LCD. When you're ready, you plug the AlphaSmart into the USB port of your computer, put your cursor in some word processor software (or, heck, the Blogger window), and press Send. The AlphaSmart then morphs into a USB keyboard, sending the characters streaming in, as if you were typing them right then.

Light-weight, no software install, runs forever on plain ol' batteries, doesn't get hot.

I took mine with me on the Victory Chimes, because it's nigh indestructible. It started to get wonky at one point, with keys having the wrong effects. Looking through the translucent plastic, I could see beads of water inside (either from the ocean air, or my water bottle may have leaked in my bag). *sigh* I took the batteries out, left the battery cover off, and let it dry. And then I realized that I'd taken the batteries out. *double sigh* Here's where the love affair began: back home, dried out, I put the batteries back in, and my essay was still there! Best. Writer's Tool. Ever.

Monday, November 22, 2004

OK, so I took, more or less, a month off to write a novel. So sue me, at least in the sense that please don't sue me. I haven't done much writing outside of the novel, as it seems to have sucked up my whole life, even making me be awake and thinking hard about it at 3am on a Monday, which sucks. On the other hand, I now have at my fingertips a resource with the death dates of about thirty greats of the Western World. How many people do you know who can say the same?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Oh, by the way, Sharon, the wolf movie you mention here is "Never Cry Wolf", just in case you or anyone else was wondering. Good movie.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

It's kind of nice to be writing this again. I'm reasonably certain these next couple of parts aren't just a minor distraction -- and that I do have an idea where the meat of the story picks up again -- but that sort of remains to be seen.

I really want to write more, honest. I'm just really busy at work.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy NaNoWriMo, team. Ten minutes every day is a good warm up, and topics can be a handy inspiration. Or, feel free to ignore the topics, and just write what comes next (and give a link to the story-in-progress, if you're posting it). Yay, November.