Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Fred, that was a lovely piece. It has been a long time since I have lived through a real PA winter. I think I tend to romanticise it. But still you have the promise of spring. The knowledge that things will change, the rhythm offered by four season. That is not the case here. But still, this year, I have spoken with many of my friends and family members who were sorely tested by the winter of 2002/2003

I just liked the notion of the goth pilgrimage. Perhaps it is my age, but I just think they are soooo cute. Maybe not as cute as punks, but cute all the same. I always sort of wonder if they believe that they are making some sort of statement, if they think that this is new.

Neil... Neil... British bloke, right?

Yeah, I thought that was great, a goth pilgrimage to see Gaiman. Hee hee.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

My idea was to compose a poem completely from the song titles of the Grateful Dead. They truly range from the sublime to the ridiculous. But I am just too tired.

I wrote Transit for you, Sharon, aside from the terrible pun, I could definitely see a Goth pilgrimage to see Neil Gaiman. Of course my information might be old, I had read somewhere that he lived in Minneapolis. Have you heard of Neil Gaiman?

Fred took mine. Or rather, I thought, "'Dead Air,' huh? I know what to write. ...And Fred's gonna have the self-same thought."

[rolls her eyes at Margaret for "transit"]

Sorry to be flaky lately. If you're wondering why, see Jon's topic: 15,000 words. 15,000 words is an ass-load of words.

Playing catch-up from yesterday, with more of an idea than a story. I still plan to write something for Ben's suggestion from last week. It seems like a good enough excuse to continue my silly "Weather Channel" film-noir story.

Playing catch-up for Sunday, too.

Hee hee; and I have fun doing it. I'm glad your posting, too, by the way. Now, to think of something with Dead Air in it...

Monday, April 28, 2003

Ben, I just want to thank you for posting so regularly. As a newbie to this whole genre, I am pretty excited about being involved. It makes me feel less self-conscious when there are other posts.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Thank you Fred. I found writing helped.

Margaret, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Oh my god 've discovered heaven!:

Ok, it's Saturday, I've been in the Seattle area for a week so it's time to start my coffee house crawl. Well, after the first 2-3 it'll be a sprint. So, here I sit, at a cyber cafe called Cranium's. Espresso, collectable toys, records and board games. And free internet with purchase. Yeah baby! Oh yeah, one of the owners. I assume, is over there talking comic collecting.

Oh, and great espresso.

So, lacking my own blog, here are a few thoughts on Seattle thus far: I had forgotten how healthy and attractive people are here. Traffic averages about 15 mph slower than Austin so I need to watch my driving. That's not a traffic thing, just culture. For those unfamiliar with the northwest it's incredibly green here: trees everywhere, bike paths and hiking. Today is cloudy but not really overcast. That's it for now.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Thank you I will try to keep up.

Shawn is using the blog to talk to his wife. Heh heh heh... We'll order your implants shortly. Welcome to the fold.

Hey Margaret, were you planning on posting a topic for me this Saturday or should I post date one?

Thursday, April 24, 2003

There you are, Margaret, swapped into the rotation. Your next day will be next Friday, and then every 8th day thereafter. Yay!

I am happy to be in the rotation. I enjoy coming up with ideas that I think will invite a variety of reponses

Margaret, at the start, we made a standing rule that if the topic poster did not post a topic by noon, Central, then anyone may. So you're welcome to take today (or, nearly, anyway). And would you like to be in the rotation? I'm going to take Remi out anyway, and it's easiest, code-wise, to swap you in. You've been giving us great topics for months.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Mole mole. That what my other story was about. I had this idea of a Mother giving her kids shit about not soaking up the local culture on their Amazonian eco-tour, insisting that they try the mole on the menu and being served mole with the tails still on.

See? That's why I post first, then read later. All my ideas seem to turn into crap if I read other people's entries first. I suppose, from a point of view other than my own, the entries probably turn out as crap anyway, but hey, that's life.

*sniff* Poor kitty. I like the varied point-of-view characters you give us, Margaret. But when it comes to teeth, it is totally all about the sound for me. But I've never been drilled, so I don't know what it smells like.

Tee hee, Fred. And hey, Ben, would that make a mole of molé?

I like to choose topics that have many different homonyms. Conditioning and body are examples of such.

My favorite Great-Minds-on-the-Same-Theme moment was Mom and me on closure, or the lack thereof, posting nigh simultaneously. I learned from the best, yo.

Well maybe not so vastly different. I had a story idea about mole the sauce which I discarded after seeing Ben's post, So then went wth the mole as spy for moles the rodent, and I was feeling pretty clever about it until I read Fred's post. Oh well.

And Sharon, You were so on with the smell thing, I know for me when I go to the dentist, its not the sound of the drill, but the smell of grinding teeth.

I love that we can all have such vastly different takes on such a simple word as "mole".

Funny thing (to me) is, I have my co-worker, Sally to thank for that topic. She used my computer over the weekend, and ate a poppyseed bagel. It's disconserting, I tell ya', to find bagel crumbs on yer desk when you don't eat bagels at yer desk. OK, it wasn't funny. I'm sleepy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

It's okay, though, because they were controlling his mind. After all, they made him cite Phil Donahue!

Well, thats just icky. Oh not the rotting corpses stuff, Im down with that,
the man who wouldn't JUST WIPE OFF THE COUNTER!

God bless the internet. A Google search on Squid & Elwood turned up my post, and a fellow fan, from way back when, wrote to me. Sweet.

No, I get it, I get it. "Mow, Moo..." Yeah!

Catching up.

Monday, April 21, 2003

You see onomatopoeia MAY=may, MEE=me, MYY=my. Get it? Yeah well okay I said it didn't work.

See, the whole thing is an onomatopoeia. If you read it out loud, it both means and sounds like absolute bullshit. hee hee.

Whee, I'm in Seattle, well, the Bothell/Kirkland area actually, and I'm on-line. Well, it's dial-up but better than nothing. At some point I'll start posting again as well, but, in the meantime wanted to say, "You go Margaret!" I had no idea my girl was so talented. Actually that's a lie, I've just never seen it on screen.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Poetry, Margaret. Thank you.

Oh ew! Excellent squick, Ben. Goosebumps. Marvelous.

My post yesterday didn't start out so Martha Stewartesque, or so icky. And I certainly don't want to encourage that particular brand of home restoration. I was looking for something about the same size as a gallon bucket of blood, however, and paint seemed like the logical choice. It's a good thing I ran out of time before I could figure out what to do with all 206 bones in the human body.

It does make the idea of a vampire draining a human body of blood in one go pretty ludicrous, however.

Sorry folks, I screwed up posting the topic. I wanted to post "pine tree". I did not see thedirections at the bottom of the page until I had already posted through blogger. I am not sure I understand what to do even if I had followed the directions. I am truly a neophyte in the virtual world.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Margaret, I'm glad you have your own persona here. "Virtual salon," I like that. ^_^ I take my mom and my visiting girlfriends to Petticoat Fair. It's the only place, in my entire life, where I have found bras that fit. I will take you sometime, if you like. Not particularly racy stuff, but well fitting is always sexy. (And in the same shopping complex is the only place that sells shoes that fit me. They cater to drag queens, so there you are. *sigh*)

I'm not sure what's up with Blythe. Margaret may get busy, but I doubt she'll get scared off...

Oh, and Fred? Ew.

Welcome to the funhouse, Margaret. Although, I should warn you, we seem to have scared off the last person to join the gang.

Hi everybody. I am Margaret, and Sharon has kindly invited to join your little virtual salon. I was going to act as a guest contributor in Shawn's absence, but I so thoroughly enjoyed the process, that I may just stay a while.

Fred, I was trying to figure out if I could work Baby Cakes in there, but didn't want to spend too much time in revisions.

Jon, I do my best.

Sharon, you really creep me out sometimes...

It could always be worse, Sharon.

Y'know, no, in fact, I don't know how that was inspired by the topic, but the topic is where I started from, and the goal is to write, right? So, uh, there you are. Like something I coughed into my napkin and am now trying to ignore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Thank you. I was reminded of <Skritch, skritch... whump! heeheehee>

[Gives Dependable Ben a gold star because he makes her happy.]

Hee hee. Corporate Campfire Tales.

Monday, April 14, 2003

May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.

Hitting the road: Hey all, I'll be leaving Texas, Wednesday afternoon, and driving north by northwest until reaching the Great Green of the Northwest. So, I'll be off-line for a week (well, the drive will only be 4 days I hope) and, while I may do a future post or two for topics I would appreciate it were someone to cover for me if not.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Well, I can safely say that I for one would look good neither as a woman nor with muttonchops. Then again, I do have this sassy strapless little, never mind.

See, the difference is, you said you'd look good in muttonchops, whereas I know I'm not attractive as a woman. Actually, I'm more than comfortable with that knowledge.

Shawn, you were asking about Fred? Well, I'd say this about sums it up. (Threaten me with muttonchops, will you?)

Friday, April 11, 2003

And I feel that you've heard me.

Very nice.

Catching up with a melody.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

It was still creepy.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

You know, I thought this sounded vaguely familiar.

Can't go to a meeting without getting action items...

Friday, April 04, 2003

Jonathan: Adam is the closest thing I had to a bully throughout my elementary school years. i was much too witty to actually get into any fights, but adam was willing to give it a go anyway.

This is my gift to the blog. I take the topics and create stories about services that do not exist, but that everyone would want to use while feeling ashamed about it.

Josh: Is Adam J. a person you'd hire STARR-69 to "get" for you?

Yes, that's what I look forward to in my future. adam jensen, your number is up.

today's topic is really opening the ole memory floodgates. great selections, sharon.

Things I shouldn't admit: I'd use a service like that.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Ah, I live for compliments like that. *bask*

Well gee Sharon, that was creepy.

Oh, well, actually, I was thinking Monster. Listening to that on the drive in. Toshi and I were making plans last night to go dancing, goth-style, because I want to be someone's crush, with eyeliner.

Sure you were. Not Monster.
I know you called. I can't be your alibi. Star 69.

*cough* Think phones, y'all.

Or not. But I was thinking phones.

Remember I mentioned Amelie, Shawn? My friend Keith's review is, "When I think of it, I just smile." And mine, you've heard: "It's not that I want to see it again. It's that I want to see it always."

I can't think about gnomes without getting thoroughly engrossed, re-running Amelie in my head. Now that I've spent 600 seconds staring at a blank screen smiling about the movie instead of writing, I'm forcing myself to get back to work!

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Good flavah, Sharp.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Cool. Years ago I gave Margaret, that's my wife, a tent and camping gear for her birthday, out on the roof of our apartment.

I'll be heading up in a couple of weeks followed by the family in early June.

Tents are good. I once pitched a tent in my living room -- and slept in it -- while bedless. I think Oregon and I will get along just fine. I've been practicing wandering around NYC sans umbrella. It's earned me many funny looks and much valuable experience being very, very wet.

When will you be landing in Seattle, Shawn? We'll be neighbors!

Speaking of... I'll be off the grid from April 5 until at least the 16th. You might want to either take me out of the topic rotation or get someone to take my days for a while?

I didn't mean a permanent change. I just thought it would be fun to give it one go-round. Let me get my feet back under me, remember what it's like to be in Texas, remember what it is I'm paid to do (and why I care...), and I'll give a thought to the logistics, taking your input here into consideration.

Hey lookee, my Starbucks punchcard is all full. Whee!